What kind of person starts a blog then doesn’t blog?

Last week, I felt bad that I hadn’t written anything since our kickoff post. That feeling was inflamed yesterday when Sara called it an embarrassment. “What kind of person starts a blog then doesn’t blog?” Well, apparently, I do.

The End Is Just The Beginning

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you already know Sara, Sadie, Roxy and I are about to embark on a new adventure. And, you probably think we’re absolutely crazy.

Chase What Matters

A couple years ago, my wife and I spent 3 weeks in Italy. I woke up early one morning, walked down to a cafe just outside of Via del Corso in Rome, and looked for somewhere to plug in and respond to emails. Nope. Not happening. No power outlets. No WiFi. Not even as much…

Motivation isn’t a feeling, it’s a faith

I’m often confused when I hear people talk about motivation. It’s typically prefaced with the word ‘feel’… as if motivation is an emotion. I feel motivated! I don’t feel motivated! Motivation has nothing to do with how you feel today, it has to do with what you believe about the outcome of an action (or…

The Right Beginning Always Starts at the End

Let’s start at the beginning, by talking about the end. Comfort. Isn’t that what we’re all really after? Think about it. Here’s the common thread I hear when I speak to entrepreneurs and business leaders. I want to be successful. So I can be happy. And being happy is being comfortable. Of course, those three…