I Don’t Know. Idaho?


Twin Falls, Idaho!? Now that’s a real small town, something that sounded really appealing in 2020. And if I’m being honest, almost all of it has lived up to our most hopeful and optimistic expectations.

Leaving Las Vegas


Going to Las Vegas, for any reason, requires an explanation. It’s not like traveling to, say, somewhere like Minneapolis, where everyone just assumes you had a really good, out-of-your-control, must-have-been-life-or-death, reason to go there.

No matter the question, the answer is (probably) Vegas

We’re both 40. With a 2-year old. So, obviously, every night ends around 9:17pm and it’s all thanks to the soothing sounds of Keith Morrison narrating another horrific and unthinkable murder… of a beauty queen wife… in a quiet Midwestern town. That. Nobody. Saw. Coming!

What kind of person starts a blog then doesn’t blog?

Last week, I felt bad that I hadn’t written anything since our kickoff post. That feeling was inflamed yesterday when Sara called it an embarrassment. “What kind of person starts a blog then doesn’t blog?” Well, apparently, I do.

The End Is Just The Beginning

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you already know Sara, Sadie, Roxy and I are about to embark on a new adventure. And, you probably think we’re absolutely crazy.