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From Seattle to San Diego: Day 2

From Seattle to San Diego: Day 2

  • Willapa Bay, WA
  • Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington
  • Astoria, Oregon
  • Portland, Oregon
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Merry Christmas from Tacoma!

Wait, Tacoma? Well, there’s a first. And since this was a Christmas of firsts for us, how about another one: I consumed approximately 42,000 calories before 12pm.

I’m joking.

It was 52,000 calories.

In my defense, when your host cooks breakfast in waves, what are you supposed to do? You wash it down with a gallon of coffee, of course. I can’t think of a better way to kick off a day of driving.

After a two and a half hour breakfast (and a solid half hour in the restroom), we were on our way to the coast for some incredible scenery…

Willapa Bay, WA

We experienced the perfect mix of light rain, sunny skies, and a few clouds – all at the same time. When that happens, you see something like this (no Photoshop needed)…

Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington

A little farther down the coast, we stopped by Cape Disappointment State Park (which isn’t that far from where The Goonies was filmed). Unfortunately, a big chunk of the park was inaccessible on the day we came, but what we did see was pretty fantastic.

Astoria, Oregon

Being that it was Christmas Day, our wonderful dog-sitters (yep, they exist) sent us a rather festive photo of our dogter, Roxy (left). We would have brought her along with us on the trip, except that she’s now a little teenager and is too busy listening to her music, talking to boys, and thinking her parents are so not cool.

What were we talking about?

Oh yeah, back to the story.

If you’ve ever done this drive, you probably remember the bridge that crosses the Columbia River and takes you out of Washington and into Oregon. It’s a pretty scenic couple minute drive over it, and the historic port town of Astoria is rather distinctive, littered with great viewpoints along the coast.

Portland, Oregon

In Portland, they have this slogan they use to promote local business: Keep Portland Weird. I can’t think of a better way to describe the eccentricity of the town, or city, or whatever you call a place like Portland. There’s something distinctive and extraordinary about the whole place. It’s the anti-Hollywood, and if there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more places that are anti-Hollywood.

On our way into Portland, we may have driven right through the set of Twilight – not that I’ve seen Twilight, or even know what it is, what are we talking about? But in all seriousness, Edward Cullen flew over our car… because Vampires can fly, and of course, Vampires are real.

After a couple hour drive, we arrived at our Portland hotel just in time to leave again for dinner. We braved this strange phenomenon that happens in places that aren’t Southern California, I heard someone call it rain, but it was basically a big, horrible shower in the sky.

We capped off our first, full day on the road with a harborside Christmas dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s. I ate Chilean Sebass, so as you can understand, I don’t really remember anything before, during, or after that.

Two days down, four to go…

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